Peter Wallfried for Patterns of the Plough




Allyson Parsons for Into the Gorge




Open Section

Major Prize ($5,000.00) - Peter Wallfried for #256 "The Patterns of the Plough"
Second Prize ($1,000.00) - David Taylor for #255 "Sake-Red-Cite#1"
Third Prize ($500.00) - Victoria Rolinski for #234 "Between Tides"
Fourth Prize ($250.00) - Margaret McEntee for #186 "Sweep of Sand, Elliston"

Section B


Verna Lock Memorial Prize for a Local Artist Winner ($1,500.00) - Allyson Parsons for #219 "Mallee Scrub"
Second Prize ($500) - Ian Burman for #54 "Afternoon Shadows (Price)"

Judges' Special Mention

#257 "A Green Deere and a Black Dog" - Peter Wallfried
#84 "Towards Daly Head" - Bruce Davey
#15 "Above the Ranges" - Coralie Armstrong

People's Choice Prize ($500.00)


#234 "Between Tides" - Victoria Rolinski

School Section

Senior School

Winner ($250.00 plus $100.00 art supplies from Picturesque Framing &Gallery) - Monica Ramaldhan for "Untitled" (Yorketown Are School)

Second Prize ($50) - Caitlin Blair for "True Colours" (Minlaton District School)

Middle School

Winner ($150.00 plus $50 art supplies from Picturesque Framing & Gallery) - Rachel Stone for "Wild Life" (Maitland Lutheran School)

Second Prize ($50.00) - Sophie Longbottom for "Warrior Princess" (Minlaton District School)

Junior School

Winner ($100.00 plus $50.00 art supplies from Picturesque Framing & Gallery) - Lila Newbold for "Fluffy" (Minlaton District School)

Second Prize ($50.00) - Amelia Parsons for "Lioness" (Minlaton District School)

Judges' Special Mention

"I See" - Selena May (Minlaton District School)

"The World Outside Hers"- Nikki Hoyle (Minlaton District School)

"The Battle of Goldstar" - William Clifton (Yorketown Area School)

People's Choice Prize ($100.00 plus $100.00 art supplies from Picturesque Framing & Gallery)

Troy Crowell (Ardrossan Area School)



Junior School


Judges Mention 4 – Jorja Mumford for Charcoal
Judges Mention 3 – Sophie Longbottom for Lazy Cat
Judges Mention 2 – Digby Tooze for The Beach
Judges Mention 1 – Aaliyah Pryse-Donaghy (untitled)
2nd Prize Major $50 – Max Gutche (untitled)
1st Prize Major $100 - Megan Purnell for Bad Girl


Middle School


Judge's Mention 4 – Kelsy Pritchard (untitled)
Judge's Mention 3 – Cassie Golding (untitled)
Judge's Mention 2 – Rhiannon McDonnell for By the Sea
Judge's Mention 1 – Lesley Stratton for Lost in the Wind
2nd Prize Major $50 – Ben Slater for Strong Ant
1st Prize Major $150– Brendan Reppin (untitled)


Senior School


Judge's Mention 4 – Brooke Webb (untitled)
Judge's Mention 3 – Jasmin Pilot for (untitled)
Judge's Mention 2 – Imogen McDonnell for Great Vision
Judge's Mention 1 – Salvador Stephenson for Michael Jackson
2nd Prize Major $50 – Brittany Aldenhoven for Despair
1st Prize Major $250- Ngarie Slater for Me


Verna Lock Memorial Award for Local Artists – Section B

Judge's Mention – Kirsty Campion for Port Vincent to Me (and untitled 2)
2nd Prize $500– Bruce Davey for Sail Boats Victor Harbor
1st Prize $1500– Trevor Stewart for Blacksmith Shop


Open – Section A


Judge's Mention 4 – Mary Briggs for Ancient Warrior
Judge's Mention 3 – Lara Cooper for Faces of Hoss and Innocence – An Endangered Species
Judge's Mention 2 – Aileen Brooks for Flower Market
Judge's Mention 1 – Margaret McEntee for Sundown Shadows, Parawillia F.R.
3rd Prize $750– Sharon Collins for Scratching About (A)
2nd Prize $1500– Peter Aitchison for Streetscape
1st Prize $5000– Allyson Parsons for Into the Gorge


School People’s Choice


Brittany Aldenhoven for Despair


Open People’s Choice


Bruce Davey for Sand Shadows Formby Bay


Door Prize


Jeanette Bensen

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